End the chaos!

You've got this.

Conquer confusion, coordinate the work, and achieve stellar results for your mission.


We’ve helped some of the most recognized nonprofits align their groups, crush the chaos, and accomplish more.

...and they're getting results...

My sanity.
Regional Coordinator
United Way of Greater Atlanta
“Cureo has allowed me to bring sanity and organization to my numerous teams of volunteers.”
My credibility.
Director of Library Programs
Appalachian College Assoc.
“Cureo helps us build credibility and goodwill with our most valuable constituents. They are true partners in this work of community.”
My time.
Program Manager
University Circle Inc.
“Cureo saves me so much time when coordinating and communicating that I can focus on more important issues.”

For boards, committees, and community teams.

Coordinate the work of your groups. Get more from your supporters. Control the future of your cause.
Easy yet powerful

Work better together.

All the tools your groups need in a single platform.

  • Group chat
  • Task management
  • Group calendars
  • File management & sharing
  • Group / committee channels
  • Group publishing
  • Engagement tracking
  • Integrated with email and calendar platforms
  • Integrated website widgets

Email friendly. Life is good.

Cureo integrates everything with email. So your board, volunteers, members and partners have no learning curve.

What you get...

You and your staff enjoy a powerful yet easy platform for coordinating boards, committees, partners, affinity groups  and ad-hoc teams.

  • Everything organized by context.
  • External email activity flows into context.
  • Data on all engagement activity.
  • Mass reduction of chaos.
  • Engaged and productive collaborators.

What they get...

Your external board and committee members, partners and volunteer collaborators never have to learn new software -- which means you NEVER have to train them. 

  • All content delivered by email.
  • Tasks, meetings, discussions managed in email.
  • Easy web widgets make it easy to catch up outside of email.
  • No logins or passwords required to collaborate.
  • Everyone is up-to-date and better engaged.

Our Partners

Cureo is privileged to be associated with prominent and influential organizations. We offer sponsorship and deep discounts to members of a growing line up of partners. Contact us to learn more.

Ready to bring sanity to your teamwork?