Engagement Hub

for boards, committees, and multi-organizational teams


The best solution for coordinating work and relationships in nonprofits, government, associations and higher education.

Email friendly. Life is good.

Cureo integrates everything with email. So your board, volunteers, members and partners have no learning curve.

What you get

  • Everything organized by context.
  • Data on everything including history, engagement stats, and document versions.
  • Engaged and happy collaborators.

What they get

  • All content delivered by email.
  • Stay up-to-date to stay engaged.
  • No logins, no passwords, no hassle.

Cultivate your most important relationships.

Make it easier for YOU

No more wondering...Did she get that? Was it sent? Where is it? Be confident in your communications, and know what is happening and what is not.

Make it easier for THEM

With Cureo, non-staff team members don’t have to learn new software. They can stay in email or they can go to your website to stay involved and up-to-date.

Recognized Nonprofits Using Cureo

United Way

"Cureo brings continuity to our process. As new members join, they are immediately given access to all the prior work and conversations. We don’t spend endless time covering the work the group has already done just to get new members up to speed."

Laura Newberry-Yokley  -  United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties

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