Nonprofit teams are different.

Welcome to Cureo.

Coordinate the work of boards, committees, task teams, hubs, collaborations and entire communities.

Organize Your Initiatives

Avoid email overload and clean up those stacks of papers laying around the office. Cureo provides a nonprofit mission-oriented feature set to organize even the most complex initiatives.

Engage Your Partners

Ever have trouble getting a board member or community partner to engage? Non-employee stakeholders can participate directly from Cureo generated emails - no logins required!

Serve Your Community

Save time and money while helping your community by using a collaboration tool built from the ground up to help nonprofits advance their missions.


Get all stakeholders, from staff to board of directors, to engage like never before.

Collective impact: Your community is funding solutions at scale by creating hubs and clusters. Cureo is the platform that makes these work.

For Communities

Recognized Nonprofits Using Cureo

Salvation Army Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio Divison

United Way

"Cureo brings continuity to our process. As new members join, they are immediately given access to all the prior work and conversations. We don’t spend endless time covering the work the group has already done just to get new members up to speed."

Laura Newberry-Yokley  -  United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties

Are you a community leader?

We welcome the opportunity to speak with funders or leaders of community-scale initiatives about how our platform will support transformative change in your community. Click here to learn more.

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