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Cureo for Taskforces

United Way leverages Cureo to manage taskforce collaboration with members and leaders in the community.

Opiate abuse and overdose is the fastest growing segment of drug use in communities. This nationwide problem is taxing law enforcement, EMS, hospitals, support networks and communities to the breaking point. This trend isn’t just in big cities, but also in the suburbs and small communities everywhere.

Wayne County, Ohio is a mostly rural community with a population of about 115,000. Over the last 3 years they have seen the incidents of opiate abuse skyrocket. In 2016 funds were made available through the local United Way to help the community address this epidemic.

Enter Kyle Putinski. Today Kyle leads the Wayne County Opiate Taskforce, a community coalition with a mission to reduce and prevent opiate deaths. More than 180 leaders in this community are working together to coordinate services, share what’s working or not working – and to deliver real impact.

Kyle Putinski

Community Impact Director

United Way of Wayne & Holmes Counties – Wooster Ohio

Primary Cureo Usage: As a leader of several community initiatives, Kyle utilizes Cureo to manage, coordinate, organize and communicate with all his key community partners.

Kyle is connected to many causes in the local community, as well as initiatives led by other organizations throughout the country.

Cureo brings continuity to our process. As new members join, they are immediately given access to all the prior work and conversations. We don’t spend endless time covering the work the group has already done just to get new members up to speed.

— Kyle Putinski

Seamlessly integrated with the United Way’s brand

– Coalition members don’t have to remember yet another obscure website. Members are greeted by name when visiting the United Way’s website and gain instant, mobile-ready access to pertinent data, updates, files, dates, discussions and action items.

Keeping everyone on the same page

– Taskforce members publish news, reports, and data on the latest research, successes and failures. This information is delivered seamlessly to participant’s emails, shared on social media sites, and made available to the public on the United Way’s website – all while enabling community-level idea sharing.

Discussion Groups

– Utilizing the discussion engine in Cureo, topics are started in conversation with certain committee members, or even the entire taskforce. Recipients participate and reply directly from their email. Replies are captured within the platform, allowing for long running, searchable, topic-driven interactions.

Track Action Items

– With the coalition being made up of members from across the community, they utilize the project and task features to keep things on track and create an environment of accountability.

Dates and Events

– One place to keep track of all the taskforce meetings, educational events and sub-group activities. All integrated with each member’s personal calendars, this single place for scheduling allows for better visibility of activity across the entire coalition.

As a community leader that interacts with a number of coalitions each month, Cureo allows me to quickly see what activity is going on in each one and stay caught up on everything.

— Todd Jasin
Executive Director

Organize and Share Files and Links

– No more hunting around for who has the most current version of the file. Check files out to work on them and upload new versions as needed. Stored in the cloud and backed up in the cloud, assets are instantly available to coalition members whenever, wherever – on any device.

Member Management

– Membership roles in large groups are constantly changing. With a single location to manage members, access to any or all members is a snap. No more sending around emails to keep track of who is involved.

No New Tools to Learn

– Many of the members of the coalition don’t even log into Cureo. They don’t learn a new tool. They don’t setup up additional logins to remember. They receive the information they need via email, and interact with the group through the tools they already use.

Using Cureo, taskforce members have one place to track their work. One place to have the discussions, share the latest research, news, success and failures. All seamlessly integrated with the United Way’s website.

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