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[ FREE DOWNLOAD ] 2017 State of Nonprofit Technology Report

Is technology really working for nonprofits? And how are nonprofits using it?

We created the State of Nonprofit Technology Report survey with Business Volunteers Unlimited (BVU) to better understand the state of nonprofit technology use across the nation.

Through our survey findings, we discovered that the nonprofit industry has room for improvement where technology is concerned.

[ FREE GUIDE ] Effective Nonprofit Communication

As is the case for many nonprofits, the state of your organization’s communication may be summed up in one word: chaos.

Do you often feel buried beneath droves of emails, shared documents, folders and file-sharing tools? You’re not alone, and it could be costing you. Nonprofit executive directors (EDs), their employees, the board of directors, and outside constituents are often inundated and overloaded with information.

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