For Nonprofits


Solve collaboration chaos by bridging the gap between you and your stakeholders.
Augment your website and email with organized tasks, files, meetings, events, news, and messages.
“It’s all about getting everybody connected for greater collective impact.”
–Maria Heege, CEO, United Way of Greater Stark County

Bridge the collaboration gap.

Step 1.
Copy and paste one line of code to your website.
Step 2.
Send your stakeholders an email.
Step 3.
That’s it. Your stakeholders are ready to securely engage content and collaborate on your website.

User Accounts Optional

If going to your website to interact with documents, messages, events, and tasks is not their thing, users can interact with all content in Cureo through email. That is right, they can respond to messages, accept email invites, download documents, receive important news, and stay up to date on their tasks all through email. Reply to a Cureo email, and Cureo will automatically suck it in and organize the reply for you. All while you keep everything organized and coordinated. 🙂
  • Organized and searchable communications.
  • Engage and leverage donors.
  • Preserve and share institutional knowledge.
  • Build a larger and stronger supporter base.
  • Real time publishing to website and social media.
  • Unified platform to collaborate with multiple agencies.
  • Give initiatives energy and momentum.

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“Organizing Chaos: A Guide to Effective Nonprofit Communication.”

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