Transform your Community

By enabling community-wide adoption of Cureo's “connective tissue” technology, experience game-changing impact on the most complex community challenges.

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Move beyond "incremental"

Leaders are recognizing the need to move beyond incremental improvements and into the realm of transformative change.

Technology for Social Change

How community-wide adoption of “connective tissue” technology focused on collaborative work can have a transformative impact on the most complex challenges that communities face.

Communities are confronting challenges of unparalleled complexity and are calling for innovative, comprehensive solutions. Unfortunately, too many of the solutions being proposed represent more of the same, resulting in incremental, localized improvements.

Collective work.
Collective impact.

Your community is funding solutions at scale by creating hubs and clusters. Cureo is the platform that makes these work.


Cureo works as your community collaboration backbone because it is:

Cureo is easy for everyone to use. Some participants stay in email while others become Cureo application black belts.

Cureo is a platform designed specifically for nonprofits to plan, execute and evaluate work.

Cureo becomes a growing source of community-level insights to improve initiatives at all levels.

Cureo empowers the contributors -- the individuals, groups and organizations to organize and act quickly as new ideas are imagined and funded.

Cureo creates continuous improvement models for teams, collaboratives, and organizations while eliminating redundancy and improving transparency and productivity.

Are you a community leader?

Are you a funder or a leader of community-scale initiatives?  Learn how you can bring about transformative change in your community.