Silo Busting: Connecting Your Community

John SchoberNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofit Tech

Community Silo

In our previous blog, we talked about the problem of organizational silos:  groups of people within an organization working and making decisions without the proper input from other stakeholders. Silos also exist across organizations in communities and are a problem because they lead to missed opportunities to address complex community challenges including, poverty, inclusion, homelessness, addiction, workforce development, and others. Silos … Read More

Silo Busting: Connecting Nonprofit Teams

John SchoberNonprofit Collaboration

nonprofit silos

While attending the Finance, Technology, People Innovation Annual Conference for the first time, I found it curious to have a conference designed for 3 different functional groups (Finance, IT, and Human Resources) that don’t always work together extensively. Typically, a conference will target a specific functional area or target groups that are likely to work together. It brought to mind … Read More

5 Ways Technology Empowers Collective Impact

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofit Tech

collective impact

The concept of Collective Impact has been around for several years. In order to truly affect change for the good in a community, multiple service organizations and stakeholders, all of which have different focuses, must work together. The problem of hunger is not solved just by the local food bank. It is solved by the local school system with distribution, … Read More

Nonprofit Making Community a Priority

John SchoberNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofits We Love

catholic charities

I recently attended the Annual Gathering for Catholic Charities as an exhibitor for Cureo. Catholic Charities affiliates are well known as strong collaborators in their communities, so we were eager to introduce many of them to our platform.  Conferences always provide the opportunity to get out of the weeds and see elements of the big picture, and this conference provided … Read More

A Philanthropic Millionaire’s Rant

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

Donor Engagement

Recently, during a casual lunch with a friend I had not seen in some time, the subject came up about work — how’s it going, what’s new, etc. In my turn, as I shared the latest goings on here at Cureo and our work with nonprofits, I managed to trigger something in my friend — a little rant that’s worth … Read More

Cureo Sponsors #GivingTuesday Initiative in Georgia

John SchoberNonprofit Collaboration

On August 17, Cureo was formally announced as a leading sponsor of GAgives, in partnership with Georgia Center for Nonprofits. GAgives is Georgia’s version of #GivingTuesday. #GivingTuesday takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (November 27th) and kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. #GivingTuesday was started as an initiative in 2012 and … Read More

NewBridge Cleveland Strives for Vibrant Community and Fulfilled Potential

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofits We Love

NewBridge Cleveland exists to help residents and at-risk youth in some of Cleveland’s most challenged neighborhoods reach their full educational and economic potential. NewBridge uses market-driven job training and educational arts programs to help build a stronger and more vibrant community. We sat down with Maya Lyles, Director of Academic Affairs, to learn more about the work going on at … Read More

3 Signs You Need to Rethink Team Collaboration in Your Nonprofit

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

The success of a nonprofit is dependent on whether or not its constituents (board members, employees, donors, and more) are able to perform together as a team. With increasing competition for resources, it has become extremely important for nonprofits to collaborate in the workspace, fueling productivity. Yet, research suggests that in an eight-hour workday, the average employee is productive for … Read More

Cureo 101: How to Maximize Mission-Focused Collaboration in Your Nonprofit

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

Have you ever heard the saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in team?” Think about nonprofits. With a limited number of resources to sustain growth, nonprofits are more likely to achieve goals when their members work effectively as a team. Cureo makes this possible. Follow along below as we explain how to maximize mission-focused collaboration in your organization using software designed specifically … Read More

3 Ways Cureo Will Transform Team Collaboration Overnight

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

While collaboration in the workspace is nothing new, innovative technologies are redefining how teams operate. Below, we explain three ways in which Cureo—technology built exclusively for nonprofits—can transform team collaboration overnight. 1. Organize Staff Members Organizational structure is essential to team collaboration. With Cureo, all of your information resides in a single, web-based collaboration system that you can access anytime, … Read More