Board Portals Comparison: What to Look for in Board Portal Reviews

By Cureo

Nonprofits are increasingly using board portals to organize and manage work with their board of directors, teams and beyond. Board software offers a variety of benefits for everyone involved — if it’s a streamlined, accessible system. In your software search, it’s important to do some extensive board portal comparison research to understand what truly makes a portal good or bad, and, most importantly, what will make it right for your organization. Reading board portal reviews can give you and your team valuable insight into the quality and breadth of features different systems have to offer.

Board Portal Benefits

For board members, these benefits include:

  • Centralized access to documents
  • Ability to collaborate with staff in creating documents
  • Easy access to historical records of conversations and meetings
  • Avoidance of overflowing inboxes and excessive paper documents

For staff members, benefits include:

  • Streamlined communications with board members through a committee structure
  • Improved communication and coordination with fellow staff members about the board
  • Avoidance of overflowing inboxes and excessive paper documents
  • Maintenance of records for effective governance

Must-Have Features for Comparing Board Portals

If you are joining the mix of nonprofits using a board portal or want an alternative to your current solution, for what should you be looking? A big part of any board of directors software comparison is ensuring that the system checks the following boxes:

  • Cost: Does it fit your budget?
  • Document Management: Can you easily store and distribute minutes, agendas, etc.?
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Will it be easier to create and update key documents?
  • Meeting Schedules: Will it be easier to set meetings and keep attendance records?
  • Task Management: Can you communicate specific tasks and receive updates?
  • Activity Tracking: Can you see who is engaged (and who is not)?
  • Maintenance: Does managing the software/infrastructure add to your workload?

Although the above questions are crucial to ask, there are two other highly important factors that often do not receive enough consideration. When looking through board portal reviews, search for these key phrases to see where different software excels or falls short.


Your board members work with you because they have an interest in your organization’s mission, and that interest cannot be taken for granted. Making it easy to stay plugged in and engaged goes a long way toward showing the team how much you appreciate their efforts.

Asking your board members to learn new software can have the opposite effect. They have personal lives and day jobs that require them to learn and use new software, which is often no easy task. They may not even use said software on a daily basis, meaning that when it comes time to access it, they’ll need to relearn it (and remember their sign-in information) — not an engaging experience.

So, how do you balance the need for software with the burden it could place on board members? You look for board portal reviews that emphasize both ease of learning and long-term use, along with checking the boxes listed above.


There’s no doubt that your board of directors is at the top of your list of teams that you need to manage in order to advance the mission of your organization — but they’re likely not the only one. You have teams of volunteers, community partnerships, task teams and many others. These teams face many of the same challenges as your board: managing documents, avoiding email overload, scheduling, assigning tasks and so on.

For many organizations with limited budgets and a low capacity to manage IT, it makes little sense to have multiple solutions for managing multiple teams. This is especially true when you consider that your board members may be part of other teams, in which case you’d be asking them to learn yet another software system. Rather than simply buying board management software, read board portal reviews to help you find the right software — a single system that enables you to manage all of your most vital teams by adapting to each of their unique needs.

Your Board Portals Comparison Stops at Cureo

Cureo is the ideal board portal software option for nonprofit organizations. It checks all the boxes for fundamental features needed to manage a board: discussion groups, file sharing, shared calendars, task management, activity tracking and more. It’s also extremely easy for board members to use — in fact, they may not even realize they’re using it because of how seamlessly it integrates with email and calendar applications. Cureo is also an excellent tool for managing task teams, community groups and learning communities, offering the benefit of collaboration software to the entire organization without the need to pay for or learn multiple tools. And, it’s highly affordable, with subscriptions that allow you to manage up to three teams with unlimited users starting as low as $500 per year.

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