4 Ways to Keep Board Members Motivated

Andrew VaethBoard of Directors, Nonprofit Collaboration

A board of directors is essential to the success of a nonprofit, as they weigh in on the organization’s major decisions and activities. However, members of the board often have their own day jobs and responsibilities to attend to, making it difficult to stay connected to the cause. Fortunately, there are ways the executive director (ED) can keep board members … Read More

How Nonprofit Technology Improves Network Expansion

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofit Tech

A nonprofit’s success is dependent on the network in which it operates. Without the support of donors and volunteers, it’s difficult for a nonprofit to propel its mission forward. Building a community of supporters and constituents that rally behind a unified cause doesn’t occur in a day’s work. It takes time. Nonprofits can use technology and “the three Cs” – … Read More

The Top 3 Types of Nonprofit Communication

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

Without effective communication, nonprofits face potential setbacks, including frustrated and confused constituents, disconnect among different communication platforms, low engagement from board members, and mission failure when the confusion detracts from your organization’s goal. Before you set out to fix each of these issues, start by determining the kinds of communication your organization uses. To assist you in this process, we … Read More

How Organizations Can Use Nonprofit Technology to Foster Success

Andrew VaethNonprofit Tech

When managing a board of directors, nonprofit professionals often find themselves struggling with inefficiency. To prevent this, consider embracing technology integration to keep the board on track. In some cases, the board members may not even need to use the technology themselves in order to reap the benefits, as long as the executive director leverages it effectively. If you want … Read More

What Makes an Effective Nonprofit Leader?

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

Many nonprofit leaders are similar in personality and management approach. However, they often struggle to retain the resources to keep volunteers and donors engaged. One by one, people lose sight of the organization’s overarching mission. These common obstacles can be avoided by adopting uncommon leadership traits. We’ve defined they key characteristics of an effective nonprofit leader, and how they differ … Read More

How to Help Nonprofits Embrace Technology Integration

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According to NTEN, more than 50% of respondents to a 2016 survey indicated that they include technology in their strategic plan to improve client interaction and program effectiveness. This statistic shows that the majority of nonprofit leaders see obvious benefits and cost-savings opportunities from embracing technology. However, nonprofits are often still reluctant to adopt new technology and business practices, fearing … Read More

6 Keys to Working Effectively with Your Board of Directors

Andrew VaethBoard of Directors, Nonprofit Collaboration

The success of a nonprofit in realizing its mission is dependent on collaboration between the Board of Directors and Executive Director (ED) or CEO. Because board members may be generous donors, have influential community contacts, and usually have a strong influence on the ED’s longevity at the organization, the ED wants to keep them happy. For some EDs, finding a … Read More

3 Collaboration Tips That Can Make or Break Your Nonprofit

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According to the Stanford Social Innovation Review, “Collaboration can help nonprofits achieve greater social impact at lower cost.” In other words, teamwork saves time and money. Pretty simple, right? So, why do so many nonprofits struggle to make team collaboration a part of their organizational culture? All too often, nonprofits limit themselves to only the resources available within their organization. … Read More

How to Keep Nonprofit Turnover from Undermining Your Mission

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Sometimes, nonprofit turnover in just one position can be very draining on what is usually an already-understaffed team. Even more daunting is the rotation of your board and committee members. While common in all organizations, these changes create a painful distraction from the overall mission. Let’s look at one example of how challenging it can be for a new person … Read More

Nonprofit Board Organization: The Inside-Out Conundrum

Andrew VaethBoard of Directors, Nonprofit Collaboration

The nonprofit collaboration landscape is completely different, and software choices should reflect those nuances. Often, nonprofit business software amounts to jamming a square peg into a round hole. The new collaboration tools that all the big businesses are using these days, like Slack, simply aren’t optimal for nonprofit use, because they’re conceived for organizations where the majority of collaborators focus … Read More