The 2020 Census as a Social Cause?

John SchoberCensus 2020, Cross-Sector Collaboration, Government

The idea of counting millions of people nationally as part of the 2020 census may not seem all that exciting, but this decade’s version will be far from boring, as politics will be a force and the results will be consequential in communities across the country. At first glance, the census appears to be simply a federal government effort with … Read More

Giving Tuesday Donation Trends Keep Rising

John SchoberGiving, Nonprofits

#GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement centered around a single day of giving…the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US. This movement exemplifies important trends in the social cause economy: The use of technology to improve efficiency and manage an increasing amount of data Disparate groups coming together to advance shared interests Increasing use of metrics in the management … Read More

Better Nonprofit Partnership & Collaboration

John SchoberCross-Sector Collaboration

In our previous blog, we talked about the problem of organizational silos: groups of people within an organization working and making decisions without the proper input from other stakeholders. Silos also exist across organizations in communities and are a problem because they lead to missed opportunities to address complex community challenges including, poverty, inclusion, homelessness, addiction, workforce development, and others. Silos exist … Read More

Developing an Effective Nonprofit Communications Plan

John SchoberCross-Sector Collaboration

Collaboration is an important theme in the Social Cause Economy, as the complexity of the problems in communities often requires a diverse set of people, organizations, and assets.  Though it makes great sense to focus on cross-organizational teamwork, community efforts are more likely to fail if the participating organizations do not have their own collaborative culture. Silos are the enemy … Read More

Board Portals for Nonprofits: Are They the Best Option For Your Nonprofit?

Andrew VaethBoard Management, Nonprofits, Technology

board portal for nonprofits improves communication and efficiency

Last week I attended an educational seminar regarding nonprofit board of directors best practices put on by Business Volunteers Unlimited. The board members who attended were there to swap ideas and habits to better their own board. We all filled out a questionnaire which we then compared to a national survey from Stanford on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit … Read More