About Cureo

impacting our community with collaboration software

Cureo’s mission is to help our world thrive by empowering communities to work better.

Our work life is Cureo, a software company. Outside work – our passion is our community. For years we as individuals have served and engaged on boards and as volunteers — Rotary, Lions, United Way, Humane Society, Habitat, early childhood education, school advisory boards, economic development boards, church counsels – this list goes on. We have experienced the chaos. We have seen the challenges. So we have combined our work life and our passions to make our world — and maybe yours — a little better.

Organized collaboration inside and out for non-profits, companies, and governments.

What is Cureo?

Based in Wooster Ohio with clients around the world, Cureo helps nonprofits and entire communities get good work done. Our clients, while leveraging their own brands and missions, can enable their boards, employees, community partners, donors and everyone else to share, collaborate, and get things done more efficiently and securely — with most of the external collaborators simply collaborating via email. Cureo enhances mission awareness while improving operational scale. Clients include some of the most recognized names globally in the nonprofit sector. It is secure, super easy to use, mobile-friendly and accessible from anywhere.
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