3 Ways Cureo’s Nonprofit Technology Enhances Cross-Team Collaboration

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofit Tech

Does your nonprofit have a collaboration tool that allows you to consolidate and manage messages, tasks, and documents across teams? Separate teams that collaborate on certain projects need the ease of such technology.

From various meetings and conversations to events and fundraisers, Cureo is your one-stop shop for organized collaboration.

Ready to fuel cross-team collaboration with Cureo? Check out the top three features listed below. 

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1. Improve Communications

Cross-team collaboration starts with organized communication. With Cureo, all conversations are centralized and easily accessible.

Streamline and simplify how your teams communicate and collaborate in the following ways:

  • Searchable email and messaging. From teams of board members to employees to volunteers, communicate with anyone, regardless of his or her level of involvement with the organization.
  • Shared calendars. From events to meetings to fundraisers, all of your information resides in one central location for easy planning, sharing and organizing.

Teams won’t struggle with disjointed messages when they use Cureo.

2. Manage Projects

Teams exist within a nonprofit to effectively implement and manage diverse, and sometimes complicated, activities. To simplify assignments for these groups, successful nonprofits depend on Cureo.

Plan, execute, and monitor projects from start to finish using Cureo:

  • Assign tasks for members of your team. Communicate easily and effectively with your team by assigning tasks to the individual responsible for completing them.
  • Define roles and responsibilities. Create a culture of transparency and accountability that carefully outlines everyone’s responsibilities, action items, and next steps.
  • Create collaborative workspaces. Customize individual, online workspaces for each group within your organization to effectively work together and achieve objectives.

Tracking projects and tasks for your nonprofit is made simple when you lean on nonprofit technology.

3. Organize Documents

Imagine having all of your living documents in a centralized location, with no confusion. With Cureo, you can.

Foster a culture of collaboration between teams in the following ways:

  • Share confidential reports. Disclose important information to select teams to coordinate projects, goals and initiatives.
  • Publish newsletters, blog posts, and press releases. Post noteworthy updates to various departments inside and outside of the organization to keep stakeholders involved and informed.

Regardless of your team’s end goal, nonprofit technology will help them work better together—fostering collaboration in the process.

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